Entry #1

I'm moving

2007-12-07 22:52:28 by savoytruffle

I recently thought of going somewhere else. I'm getting bored of life here in hermosillo. I could go and mae a living in monterey. it's just anoying how it's so hot here. even in winter. even politics here are annoying. I can't belive I've been standing this so long. I need a guiness award or sommething. it's annoying. did I say that? should I go?

well maybe that means I might not be onlin a long while. making music and stuff. and about my music: please could you people review it? I need some constructive critisism


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2008-02-26 01:32:11

¡¡Saludos desde Mexicali!! ; )
por cierto viejo... no conoces el calor de mexicali... aqui llega hasta los 45 grados! (y el clima es seco y no húmedo...)


2008-02-28 15:26:31

Well I read from this guy i met here that you talk spanish maybe.. so..
no see yo solo busco alguien que me invite a participar en un collab.. no podria organizar uno yo XD


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